Syreford Stone Technical Data

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Syreford Quarry Technical Data

Technical Data

Syreford Stone is an oolitic limestone sourced from our quarry situated in the heart of the Cotswolds in the village of Syreford near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

It is a fine grained stone and is light cream in colour. Over the years Syreford stone has been used on numerous projects as both a building stone and an architectural masonry stone for both residential and commercial projects throughout the Cotswolds and across the UK.

The test data should only be used as an indication of the future performance of the stone. Test results may not be representative of the whole quarry. The information given is for guidance only.

Syreford stone is a natural building product and this may mean that there could be colour and texture variations within the same seam of stone. It is recommended that a stone sample is requested in order to confirm the colour and texture before placing an order.

Blockstone naturally contains a large amount of water and quarry sap. It is therefore advisable that during cold weather and frosty conditions any newly quarried stone and masonry items are covered and protected

Geological type Oolitic Limestone  
Colour/texture Light cream - fine grained  
Description Oolitic limestone  
Density 1904 Kgm3 BSEN 1936: 2006
Porosity 29.98% BEEN 1936: 2006
Compressive Strength 24 MPa EN772 – 1:2000
Water absorption 12.2% BSEN 13755
Flexural strength 3 MPa BSEN 12372
Breaking Load at Dowel Hole 1078 BSEN 13364
Water Absorption by Capillarity 160 g.m2.s BSEN 772 - 11


If you have any further questions regarding our Cotswold stone and its suitability to your project in hand please contact us on 01242 821034.

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